What Your Mother Never Told You About Strippers

A night out at a club with the hottest strippers Brisbane offers will surely be an experience full of stories. Hopefully, there are more good ones than bad. But whichever is the case, it will certainly be interesting, especially because you have booty and booze in the mix.

Aside from your mates’ or your personal tales of strip club action, there are plenty of interesting stripper-related facts and stories which you can add to your Fun Facts knowledge. Because when it comes to strippers, you certainly want to learn as much about them as you can.

There are strippers who earn A LOT

Most people assume stripping off your clothes while dancing on stage isn’t a very lucrative activity. However, the strippers Brisbane has as well as those in other countries will prove you wrong. Some can earn hundreds of dollars per night and up to six-figure salaries per year. If you need proof, just check out the trending Instagram posts of strippers with their huge piles of cash which they earned from tips.

Of course, their earnings are based on where, when, how often, and how hard they work, so they still work their asses off (literally) to “make it rain”.

The most popular stripper names are…

Juan, Rico, Carlos, Jack, and Romeo for males and Cinnamon, Luscious, Delight, Coco, and Chyna for females are top contenders. Why does it seem like lady strippers have the more creative nicknames?

Strippers already existed centuries ago

In fact, there is scientific proof that it was already practised up to 20,000 years ago with Paleolithic cave paintings in Southern France as evidence. It is believed that sexually stimulating dancing was an ancient ritual. This was done in order to gain the favour of the fertility goddess.

Years later, erotic dancing was practised by priestesses in temples during the height of the Roman and Greek Empires. In the 14th century, the sensual art of belly dancing gained popularity in the Middle East. Then in the 18th century, burlesque was born. This would evolve into the striptease.   

Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll isn’t the universal theme

Due to the stereotyping placed on strippers, most people believe they live carefree and party-all-night sort of lives. This may be true for some, but many in the adult entertainment industry report that taking illegal substances can actually get them fired.

In addition, if you check out the strippers Brisbane boasts of, you’ll notice plenty of them are very fit. How did they get bodies like that? They actually work hard to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. And that means staying away from drugs and taking good care of themselves.  

Furthermore, others are taking care of their family or are working hard to finish their degree when they aren’t sliding down a pole or gyrating on stage. These individuals are perfecting the art of work-life balance.

As for sex, even first-time strip club clients should know that the dancers there are not prostitutes and therefore, should not be treated as such. Soliciting is also illegal in many places. Not to mention that strippers aren’t interested in getting in your pants. They’re focused on giving you a good show and a fun time so they can get to what’s in your pocket or wallet.

Many celebrities used to be strippers

Okay, so maybe your mother did tell you about this when the news broke out that Lady Gaga and Channing Tatum used to work the stage before they were big names. But despite many famous people having a background in the stripping business, why is there still such a stigma for the profession?

Do these bits of information made you more curious? Satisfy that curiosity and head on to Eye Candy adult club to observe and learn more about that gorgeous person dancing in front of you.

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